Families participation in the 0-6 municipal educational services is supported and regulated by some instruments that offer a clear framework within it’s possible to promote actions and activities.

0-6 years Educational Services Charter

The Charter is a tool for dialogue with citizens that contains information about the operation and characteristics (organizational, managerial, pedagogical) of municipal nursery schools, preschools and children and families centers. Inside the Charter there is a section dedicated to the families and community participation.

Special Agent 006 Regulation

The Special Agent 006 Regulation represents the outcome of the participatory project ''Special Agent 006 - How a community can be a quality agent'', promoted by the Unione Terre d’Argine and realized thanks to the contribution of the Emilia-Romagna Region (Regional Law 3/2010, announcement of 2015). The purpose of the Regulation is the Community participation, in order to promote the improvement of the quality of the educational experience of children attended 0-6 services, through forms of collaboration between Municipality and Community itself.

Vademecum of the parents' representative

This document is the result of the two participatory projects ''It’s like this...if we want it to be'' and ''It’s like this...if we want it to be 2.0''  that involved representatives of parents and educators/teachers of nursery schools and preschools of the territory. Vademecum contains guidelines to orientate oneself and to cope different situations and problems.

ο Vademecum Presentation

ο Sheet 1. Tutti insieme appassionatamente - La comunità educante

ο Sheet 2. Tra il dire e il fare - Le regole del buon rappresentnate

ο Sheet 3. Indovina chi viene a scuola - Quali famiglie

ο Sheet 4. Mappe - Come orientarsi nelle diverse organizzazioni - Dizionario

ο Focus sheet. Relazioni e gestione dei conflitti

ο Focus sheet. Strumenti di comunicazione

ο Focus sheet. Ruolo del rappresentante

Protocol for participation and collaboration between families and municipal 0/6 services

The Protocol contains operational guidelines to concretely achieve participatory projects in municipal nursery schools and preschools.

Special Agent 006 Association

The Special Agent 006 Association was created to improve the quality of the educational experience of children in 0-6 educational services through forms of collaboration between the Municipality (Unione Terre d'Argine) and the Community, extending both learning environment and socio-educational wellbeing to the community's context. Families (parents, grandparents, uncles ...), educators, teachers, pedagogists, administrators, managers, operators, technicians, volunteers and citizens, or every person who wants to take care of quality of nursery schools and preschools in Unione Terre d'Argine territory, can become member of Association and Special Agents 006.