What is it

The 006 Special Agent Association is a Social Promotion Association - Third Sector Body that joins families (parents, grandparents, uncles, brothers, ...), educators, teachers, pedagogists, administrators, managers and all citizens (organised and not) interested in improving the quality of the educational experience of children in preschool services in the Unione Terre d’Argine territory.
The Association was founded on February 21th 2018 following the participatory project 006 Special Agent (supported by Regional Law n. 3/2010) which involved managers, teachers, educators, families and citizens in order to create a Regulation able to increase the active participation in preschool services 0-6 years.

Who are 006 Special Agents

The 006 Special Agents are attentive and active people who want to create an environment full of opportunities for children. During the first Assembly, the 116 founding members voted for the 13 members of the Executive Board who in turn elected the offices established by the Association's Statute: the President (Patrizia Balestri, grandmother and retired teacher of municipal preschool), the Vice President (Alberto Notari, parent and president of the private preschool Board) and the Secretary (Vincenzo De Cristofaro, parent of a state school).
Currently the members are 141.

What are the Special Missions

The Special Agents 006 can propose and carry out the Special Missions with the aim of improving the quality of the educational experience, both inside and outside the educational services 0-6 years. The Missions can be promoted by citizens, Board of nursery school/preschool/institute, associations of parents, local public bodies and members of the Association, by filling out the form.
The Special Missions can have different levels of complexity and can be addressed both to the care of the places and the care of the community.
In the period 2018-2020 the Special Missions mainly concern three themes:

  • Conscious use of technology
    (prevention of cyber-bullying, use of social networks, purchase of educational tools ...)
  • Support for parental roles
    (training for families, meetings, seminars ...)
  • Promotion of relationship between children and nature
    (planning of outdoor spaces, experiences in nature, training courses, workshop ..


Brochure about Association

brochure agente speciale 006


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