My child is already attending a nursery, do I have to fill in an application form every year?

No, you don’t. Children who are already attending a nursery are automatically enrolled in subsequent years, except if you want to enrol your child in a different nursery. In this case, you have to fill in a specific application form.

Can drugs be given to children by the educators after lunch?

No, they can’t. The school staff is not allowed to give children any kind of drugs during school time. Anyway in case of absolute need you can refer to Protocollo d’Intesa per la somministrazione dei farmaci a scuola”.

I would like to offer my free time to cut the grass in the garden or do other stuff in my child’s nursery. Is that possible?

Yes, you can. In nurseries and preschools run by the municipality there is the Protocol for participation and collaboration between families and municipal 0/6 services, a document that regulates the active participation of citizens to the life and functioning of our educational services.This document, together with others, makes this kind of participation possible.
For what concerns private nurseries and schools, or the ones run by the government, you should ask directly to the owner of the school or the administrative offices.

My child has a food allergy. Can I ask for a special diet?

In case your child needs a special diet because of a disease or a food allergy, you have to provide a medical certificate that specifies which kind of foods shouldn’t be given to her/him. Everything regarding that is well explained into the Municipal Nursery schools Regulation as required in the document “Linee Strategiche per la ristorazione scolastica in Emilia Romagna”.

How can I enrol my child to the after school time from 4 pm to 6.15 pm?

To attend after school time you have to fill in a form and send it to the School Office of your municipality at the time of the enrollment or later when you need it during the year (only if there is any available place left).
After school time is activated only in some nurseries and preschools, when the minimum number of 7 requests is reached and for children older than 12 months. For further information click here.

Because of work needs, I need to bring my child to the nursery at 7.30... what can I do to enrol her/him in pre-school time?

The enrollment to pre-school time due to working reasons is possible in all our nurseries and preschools situated in Carpi and Campogalliano, you just have to fill in an enrollment paper that must be delivered directly to the nursery/preschool.
For what concerns the preschools situated in Soliera, you must ask the ufficio scuola
For what concerns the preschools situated in Novi di Modena, you need to refer to the associations who led this kind of service in agreement with the municipality.
For further information click here.

I would love to join Agente Speciale 006... what should I do?

To join the Association and become an Agente Speciale 006 you need to fill in the application form and pay the annual fee.
Doing that you can take part in working groups, propose a Missione Speciale and help the other Agenti Speciali with your support. For further information click here.