The school transport service is active during the school year; the services’ areas are defined annually on the basis of the requests submitted, on the times of the single schools, on the users’ pool and on the availability of the vehicles. It is activated in the month of September, indicatively following the school opening schedules (municipal schools start at the beginning of September, state schools start according to regional school calendar). The minimum number of enrollment required to start the service will depend on the Council's Deliberation. 


Municipal and state pre-school children residing within the perimeter of the serviced areas. The service is not active for all the schools of the territory but priority is given to those whose children originate from the area.


Application must be submitted by August 16th:
- On line enrollment
The enrollment must be renewed every school year. The applications submitted during the school year can be accepted if there are available seats.


- Full monthly fee: € 32,00 - Reduced: € 19,50;
- Full annual fee: € 280,00 - Reduced: € 155,00.
The reduced fee is applied if the ISEE certificate is less or equal to €12.000 and, from the second child onward enrolled in the service, if the ISEE is included between € 12.001 and € 20.000.

To get reduced fee, you must submit on line a ISEE certificate before September 30th. Enrollment requires payment of the fee regardless of real attendance. The first invoice is emitted in the month of December and relates to the first four months (September-December). The second invoice is emitted in July and relates to the following six months (January-June). The second invoice will include a discount of € 40,00 for all children enrolled in the transport service for the whole school year.


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School Office in Carpi, Corso Alberto Pio n.91, Carpi - ground floor. Schedule: monday, tuesday, wednesday and saturday 8.30-12.30; thursday 8.30-17.45 non stop; friday closed. Tel. 059/649707-708-709 – Fax 059/649719.

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