Cartellina 2In the 2014-2015 school year, the Pedagogic Coordination of 0/6 services (municipal and affiliated) of the Unione Terre d’Argine has promoted the project ''It’s like this… if we want it to be''.

The project explores the concepts of participation and representation with input from the parent and teacher representatives of nursery schools and pre-schools, whether state, municipal or private. The initiative had the purpose of developing a practical instrument: the Vademecum of the parents' representative, a guidebook to support whomever fills the representative role in educative services.

We consider nursery schools and pre-schools an environment where the representatives take part democratically, together with other families, to develop an educational community. During the welcome and the mediation between diversities, through the collaboration with those who manage the services, the representatives carry out their role by balancing complexities and resources. Each representative who starts out this experience can utilise the 4 sheets of the Vademecum to get their bearings and to find some practical ideas to take on different problematic situations: from the first assembly of the school year, to the promotion of initiatives and projects, to the best way to respectfully include every family, to the indication on the structure and workings of the scholastic system in the area.


 disegno copertina  Vademecum presentation - in pdf
 scheda 1arancio 1  Tutti insieme appassionatamente - La comunità educante
Sheet 1 - in pdf
 scheda 2viola 2  Tra il dire e il fare - Le regole del buon rappresentante
Sheet 2 - in pdf
 scheda 3red 2  Indovina chi viene a scuola - Quali famiglie
Sheet 3 - in pdf
 scheda mappe 1 bis  Mappe - Come orientarsi nelle diverse organizzazioni
Sheet 4 - in pdf
 scheda mappe allegato 2  Mappe - Dizionario
Supplementary sheet attached sheet 4 - in pdf