Pre-School Summer Camps 

From 3th July to September for children  between 3 and 6 years

From this year, the Unione Terre d'Argine supports a new organizational and management method for the 3-6 year old summer camps, in analogy of the 6 -13 year old summer camps. In fact, through a public notice, two managers were identified, ACCENTO Società Coop. soc. and C.S.I. Carpi sport, who organize summer camps in Campogalliano, Carpi and Soliera for children enrolled in municipal, affiliated and State pre-schools in the month of July. In August, two summer camps will be active in Carpi and in September, summer camps will be organized both in Carpi and in Soliera for children enrolled in State pre-schools awaiting the start of the school year.

The Unione Terre d'Argine will continue to support the organization of summer camps for children aged 3-6 by making its school premises available and providing financial contributions to contain fees and recognize the costs of additional support teacher for children with disabilities .

With this new way, families have a more flexible service to their needs, as by contacting the manager directly they register in the location they prefer (subject to availability) in one or more weeks and they could choose between different weekly attendance, such as part-time, full-time, with extended hours and, only for the CSI, also part-time in the afternoon. In this way, there are more opportunities for families, guaranteeing a site that is also open in the week of 15th August.

The weekly fees, including meals, will range from 75€ for the part-time scheme, 95€ for the day until 4pm and 120€ with extended hours. The rate will be the same for both managements.

The summer proposals of Accento and CSI Carpi sport will integrate and will be supported by that of other private providers, which will enrich the availability of attendance in some territories or in different periods. In Novi di Modena, two local associations will organize the summer camps for children aged 3 to 6, Aneser in Novi di Modena and Anspi in Rovereto


Accento summer camps:

 “S. Neri” pre-schools-Campogalliano

“Balena Blu” “Peter Pan” and “Andersen” pre-schools-Carpi

“Bixio” pre-schools-Soliera

CSI Carpi sport summer camps:

Baby CSI, Via Lombardia-Carpi

“Berengario” preschools-Carpi.


From 15th April 2023

For ACCENTO Summer Camps:

Registrations will be open:

from 15/04 to 25/05 for July, August, September;

from 26/05 to 15/06 for August and September;

from 16/06 to 15/07 only for September.

Registrations are online on their website

S.Neri summer camp - Campogalliano

Andersen, Balena Blu e Peter Pan summer camps  - Carpi

Bixio summer camp - Soliera

For the BabyCSI and Berengario summer camps in Carpi: must be completed a filled form to the C.S.I Carpi sport office in Via B. Peruzzi 22 in Carpi (at “Casa del Volontariato”) only for the first registration. Subsequent payments can also be made by bank transfer, respecting the deadline. Enrollment will close 10 days before the start of the start summer camps.


The families can apply to take advantage of the regional contribution for Isee to € 24,000.00 - "Project for work-life balance: support for families for attending summer camps - Summer 2023" (Resolution of the Regional Council n. 376 of 03/13/2023).

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