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The Centre for Educational Documentation (CDE) is a place dedicated to training, documentation, exchange and discussion in the pedagogic and educational sphere. It encourages the creation of a conscious teaching community, through the promotion of training and cultural initiatives aimed at supporting educational alliances between school institutions, families and the service network, thus encouraging an ecological approach to childhood culture.


It monitors the training needs of the educational and teaching staff of the Unione Terre d’Argine. It carries out projects of ongoing training and educational research to support educational and pedagogic professional competence. It promotes experimental and research processes in educational and pedagogic fields, in conjunction with those who elaborate knowledge and culture within the territory: regional Centres for Educational Documentation, Universities and Provincial Pedagogic Coordinating Staff.


It documents, categorises, gathers and produces materials concerning the educational processes performed within the services. It promotes the culture of documentation and educational research, giving visibility to the experiences lived in the nursery schools and pre-schools of the Unione Terre d’Argine. It offers different types of materials to teachers, educators, students and parents in a consistent and systematic way. It supports competencies and innovations in educational services, setting itself up as a resource to heighten the quality of services by articulating and disseminating resources, placing them online and creating opportunities for the development of new educational realities and experiences.


It paints a broad picture of the teaching and cultural initiatives within the provincial territory; encouraging exchange and collaboration among the different actors of the educational and cultural system.


It gathers and archives materials related to training and refresher courses, documentations, publications and monothematic dossiers. Everyone can consult: magazines, texts, documents of projects and educational experiences, and audio-visual material. The CDE library holds more than 1,000 volumes categorised by topic, including psychology, pedagogy, sociology, anthropology, interculturalism and second languages, which can be consulted and taken out.


The Centre for Educational Documentation is open for consultation and to check-out materials by appointment, calling 059/649712.