facciata esterna con totem

Sergio Neri pre-school is located in a residential neighbourhood, next to the Flauto Magico nursery school. The premises are large, welcoming and well-lit. The school offers many indoor and outdoor spaces that provide multiple varied opportunities for experiences and play. Upon entering, there is a large square-hall, from which the other school rooms are accessed.  A library, a dressing up area and a macrostructure dubbed ''the little villa'' by the children, allow children of different ages and in small groups, to stop there, play and relate to each other during certain times of the day. This is also the place where families meet and share moments of daily life, events and parties.
Three sections overlook this area and host children of different ages. Each is articulated in three spaces: one for playing, experiences and lunch, the other arranged with different materials, that during the afternoon is used for napping, and a bathroom.
The furniture and materials are organised with flexibility, to comply to the changing interests that children express over time. In the school we also find a small hall functioning as a gym, with wide windows overlooking the garden, a large mirror and specific materials to encourage psychomotor, musical, expressive and body experiences, which is used daily by small groups of children. Facing the little gym there is a big studio, where multiple natural materials and recyclables are kept, destined for graphic-pictorial activities and for pleasant scientific and creative experiences.
Outside the front of the school sits a large vegetable garden that, year after year, is cultivated, also thanks to the contribution of expert parents and grandparents, who take care and maintain it. Behind there is a large garden with shaded areas, where children can move and explore, and where further possibilities for playing and living natural experiences together are currently being planned.
The school collaborates closely with the territory and nursery school and pre-schools nearby, for a seamless education. It is possible to reach nearby educational opportunities on foot, while the bus is used for educational tours to the nearby cities of Carpi and Modena. Every year, workshops and thematic courses are planned, and can also be attended by families. In the last few years english, music and psychomotricity labs have been created.



 20 novembre sergio neri

 20 novembre 2020 • World Children's Day

What we do...


I nostri momenti insieme

Cento linguaggi, cento opportunità


momenti insieme cento linguaggi cento opportunità creattività


La forma delle cose

I meta-linguaggi

naturalmente la forma delle cose metalinguaggi


Families and participation...

Families participation in the school's life is achieved through different modes: assemblies, parents-school individual talks, the section meetings, the School Board and parties testify to the wealth of opportunities for interaction, discussion and sharing. The families took part in the requalification works of outdoor spaces, contributing to create and take care of vegetable garden.

partecipazione delle famiglie festa della scuola colazione con le famiglie

During 2017/2018 school year, families participated in a educational project about the school garden, starting from the researches, hypotheses and theories co-constructed by children. This project led to the planning and the creation of what children immaginated:  "The sky room".

stanza del cielo