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Peter Pan pre-school is located in the Northern area of Carpi. The indoor spaces of the school are characterised by four bright sections and a large common area, which acts as a place of meeting, play and exchange among children and adults who experience the school. This high-traffic area also contains interest centers that offer children the chance to play, in big or small groups.
Sections are set out with furniture and materials that, during the year, are changed according to the projects the children are undertaking. The large outdoor space, aside from offering children different opportunities to play and discover, is a place of explorations and a stage for adventures with natural materials.
The school’s educational proposals are differentiated according to both the children’s developmental age and the section-group. The aim is to stimulate the abilities of children as individual subjects learning within a group, reinforcing the different types of expressed competences (cognitive, emotional and relational). So the group becomes the promoter and facilitator of both individual and collective learnings. The teachers suggest and support planning paths to mixed groups, so that the children of the school may get to know, meet and play together by choosing their playmates, according to everyone’s competences, interests and abilities.
The teachers' workgroup of Peter Pan pre-school also proposes workshop paths, often carried out in small groups, such as psychomotricity activities and English labs. The school opens itself to the territory: didactic field-trips by bus are planned to allow children to live opportunities and experiences offered by other educational realities such as theatres, libraries, farms and so on.



families and participation

Families participation in the school's life is achieved through different modes: assemblies, parents-school individual talks, the section meetings, the School Board and parties testify to the wealth of opportunities for interaction, discussion and sharing, promoted by both teachers and families (sometimes autonomously too). Families participated with teachers to outdoor workshop in order to promote the building of ''scientific playful'' furnishings that have enriched the school garden and have supported the children's plays and researches in everyday life.

partecipazione delle famiglie partecipazione delle famiglie partecipazione delle famiglie