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Le Chiocciole pre-school is located in the south of the city, behind the stadium. The entrance is composed by a large space, a meeting place for the welcome in the morning, for plays and workshops. The school spaces are divided into three sections that now accommodate children of three, four and five years. The furnishings and materials, according to different planning paths addressed to the childre, change, enrich and are arranged in different ways.
The garden surrounds the whole school and is characterized by motor games, swings and areas set up with natural materials to offer different exploration and play possibilities.
We mean pre-school as an educational context that represents the educational community, a place linked to a clear perception of ​​child considered as an active subject, with his own personal history, modes and preferences, and interested to know, to act, to create new relationships with adults and peers. We think it is important to offer the children the opportunity to express themselves and communicate through different languages, able to produce, like the words, actions, thoughts, images and feelings.
Our educational proposals are characterized by a particular attention to the organization of musical and psychomotor workshops, and English language approach (English lab) in order to promote important learning ways for identity development and successful integration. Families are integral part of our idea of ​​educational community and their involvement in parties, workshops, various opportunities is an important goal to be achieved in favor of a real knowledge and exchange among different cultures.

 20 novembre chiocciole

 20 novembre 2020 • World children's day


What we do...


Le nostre storie di Alice Cascherina

L'abc dei bambini

Esplorazioni sensoriali

 le nostre storie di alice cascherina

l'abc dei bambini esplorazioni sensoriali

"Voglio una casa col tetto giallo..."

La danza dei colori


voglio una casa col tetto giallo copertina progetto la danza dei colori alfabeto


Families and participation

Families participation in the school's life is achieved through different modes: assemblies, parents-school individual talks, the section meetings, the School Board and parties testify to the wealth of opportunities for interaction, discussion and sharing. The breakfart at school, organised by the School Board, is to a special morning to give parents a little more time together with their children and to support the "welcome time" as a valuable moment of socialization and sharing with other families.

partecipazione delle famiglie partecipazione delle famiglie colazione a scuola
partecipazione famiglie  laboratorio famiglie laboratorio famiglie