Thanks to the recent renovation of the building, after the earthquake in 2012, Aquilone nursery school presents indoor and outdoor places strongly renovated in spite of the past.
Children and families are welcomed by a large common space, located in the central area between the two large and bright sections, the atelier and the small inner courtyard. Large and soft furnishings offer children motor, game and relationship opportunities. The sections are cosy and bright, organized into play areas accurately arranged but also transformable, according to the needs and interests of the group of children that daily attend the nursery school and to the features showed by group in its growth process. This organization thorough interest centers supports an educational program geared to the autonomy of children and the development of the plurality of their intelligences.
The nursery school is also surrounded by a large and shady outdoor area. This area is intentionally and only apparently ''unstructured''. In fact, the furnishings and the game chances give children different opportunities for research, discovery and exploration, engaging them in ever new and original experiences. Many external game furnishings were planed and built along with the children families, through specific participatory project that involved them.


 20 novembre aquilone

 20 novembre 2020 • World Children's Day

What we do...


Autonomia del fare e del pensare

All'ombra della luce

Lavorare in gruppo aperto

autonomia del fare e pensare   copertina progetto all'ombra della luce copertina progetto sul lavoro aperto 

Quando nido e famiglie si incontrano

Esperienze naturali di gioco

Le "strane cose" che fanno la... differenza

quando nido e famiglie si incontrano aqui pro01 aqui pro03


Families and participation

Families participation in the nursery school’s life is achieved through different modes: parents-school individual talks, the section meetings, the Nursery school Board, workshops, playing afternoons, testify to the wealth of opportunities for meeting, discussion and sharing. Families contribution and collaboration was decisive in the planning and redevelopment of the outdoor spaces of the nursery school, through the building of troughs for birds and small houses for the small inhabitants of the garden (earthworms, ants, ladybugs, ...), the taking care of vegetable garden, lawn and hedges. These ''working afternoons'' are according to the educational projects of the nursery school.

laboratorio al nido con le famiglie le famiglie ritinteggiano gli arredi

le famiglie costruiscono gli arredi nel cortiletto interno