From Monday 22nd of March until Saturday 24th of April 2021, enrollments to municipal and affiliated nursery schools are open for 2021-2022 school year.



All the families living in the Unione with children born in the 2019 and 2020 and for the municipalities of Carpi, Novi and Soliera even born or unborn children from January 1st to August 31st 2021.
Children who already attend the nursery school are automatically enrolled for the next school year, so the family musn't redo the enrollment.


The enrollment form must be submitted on line:

To access the online services of Public Administration, the use of the SPID digital identity is mandatory.
For more info on SPID:

• Campogalliano: click here
• Carpi: click here
• Novi di Modena: call 059/6789111
• Comune di Soliera: call URP 059/568551

Only people really unable to submit the on line enrollment form, can submit the form to school offices, by telephone appointment.


Application forms must be received by local school offices by April 24th, 2021.


Full-time attendance
- Full Monthly Rate: € 430.00
- Minimum Monthly Rate: € 75.00

Part-time attendance
- Full Monthly Rate: € 350.00
- Minimum Monthly Rate: € 55.00

Part-time attendance of Melarancia (3 days a week)
- Full Monthly Rate: € 230.00
- Minimum Monthly Rate: € 45.00
To get the benefits the families have to submit on line the ISEE form.

The Emilia Romagna Region project "Al Nido con la Regione" is confirmed for the 2021/2022 school year, which supports important reductions of the attendance fees in nursery school for residents in the UTdA who have an ISEE certificate not exceeding to € 26.000.


The enrollment form is a self-declaration, therefore it must be signed by one of the parents in front of school office’s employee. The family have to fill in the form with all information required in order to have the complete award of the score. Information stated will be verified.
In case of fake declarations the score will be replaced with a penalization and the confirmation can also be revoked.
In Carpi, Novi and Soliera municipalities, parents can express their preferences, in order of priority, choosing from to nursery schools in their area.


Applications submitted within the deadlines will be awarded a score based on criteria that take into account the family situation, parents’ work and grandparents availability.
Temporary rankings will be published at the local school offices and on the website from 5th to 15th of May. In the same period appeals will be able to be presented in order to request a different score.
Final rankings will be published by May 24th 2021 and places will be assigned by June 2021.
Not accepted applications will be organised in a waiting list, divided by age and used to assign available places during the school year following resignation or surrender. The rankings will be updated with new applications on October 1st, 2021 and January 2nd, 2022. According to the National Law n.119/2017, compulsory vaccinations are access requirement for attendance.



Due to the epidemiological emergency for COVID-2019, the opening day are organised through videos that are published on the Servizi 06 facebook page and on this website, starting from March 22nd.
On line meetings will be organised with the educational equipe of nursery schools, in order to give families the chance to dialogue and learn about the educational proposal.
For more information and updates about affiliated nursery schools it's advisable to consult their websites.