facciata esterna con totem

The Zigo Zago pre-school is located near the city center. The school is organized to accommodate three children sections. Upon entering, you are in a large environment much experienced in everyday life, with a big play building with a slide and lair. This place is used in many moments of the day, for motor experiences in small group, structured plays, to meet friends. The spaces in front of the sections are organized with materials and games that take into account the different children interests. The three sections are fitted with furnishings that can be changed over time. There is the bathroom, next to each section, dedicated to personal care moments.
The different project paths come from listening and observation of the needs and curiosities of children, promote learning concerning linguistic, motor, emotional-relational, scientific scopes, ... to support the motivation to do, try and experiment, in a continuous dynamic exchange and comparison among children and teachers.
The school is surrounded by a large, luxuriant garden, as well as porches, where you can play, eat, handle and create between ''inside and outside''. In the garden there are swings, slide and sandbox, but also natural materials (logs, stony ground, path of aromatic herbs) that open to different exploration and play opportunities.
For several years, there is also a beautiful vegetable garden, curated by children and some expert teachers of the school. In addition, there is a gazebo where, over time, have implemented projects and buildings with natural elements, symbolic plays ... and it’s one of the favorite places by children. The school is open to the territory, so children often go out on foot for walks in the surrounding area or towards the center of the city, or by bus to experience opportunities and experiences offered by other educational institutions (theater, library, farms). Every year, together with families, workshops and thematic paths are organized. In recent years were arranged English labs, music and psychomotor workshops.



Families participation in the school's life is achieved through different modes: assemblies, parents-school individual talks, the section meetings, the School Board and parties testify to the wealth of opportunities for interaction, discussion and sharing. Families collaborated, along with teachers, to requalify and renovate outdoor spaces and furniture."

Cosa facciamo...


"I numeri hanno un significato"

E' lo sguardo a fare la differenza

Piccoli, grandi osservatori...

 numeri hanno un significato  è lo sguardo piccoli grandi osservatori

L'emozione di un gesto gentile

Sono cresciuti...tutti diversi

I sensi per conoscere

emozione di un gesto gentile sono cresciuti sensi per conoscere


famiglie e partecipazione

La partecipazione alla vita della scuola da parte delle famiglie si realizza attraverso differenti modalità e percorsi: le assemblee, i colloqui scuola-famiglia, gli incontri di sezione, il Consiglio di scuola, le feste e i laboratori testimoniano la ricchezza delle occasioni di incontro, confronto e condivisione. Le famiglie hanno collaborato, insieme alle insegnanti, alla riqualificazione e “ristrutturazione” degli spazi ed arredi esterni.

serata di lavoro con le famiglie partecipazione famiglie partecipazione famiglie