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Orso Biondo nursery school is in the old town center of Carpi. The indoor and outdoor spaces are articulated and organized trough interest centers in support of an educational proposal geared towards the autonomy of children and the development of the intelligences plurality. A large entrance leads to a common space which gives access to three wide sections. In the central space that welcomes children and parents at the beginning of the day it’s possible to play on the macro-structure but also to stay on the couch to read a book or to engage in other playing activities.
The younger children’s section is an area set up with age-fitting furnishings that facilitate the first steps, with soft and easily accessible materials, which offer multi-sensorial experience of exploration, handling and discovery that are the basis of learning processes.
The middle children’s section offers several play opportunities with structured areas that allow the independent aggregation of small groups of children. It’s set up in different ways and several times during the school year, according to changes of the children, their skills and their interests and curiosities. In this section there are: a space dedicated to reading and conversations; a space for constructiveness, with a structured playing materials and recyclable materials; a motor path aimed to train and improve new skills. One other room offers the possibility of thematic exhibitions during the year, playing moments with small children group, exploration, discovery and movement allowances.
The older children’s section is large, spacious and bright, it is divided into spaces that offer many experiences: the symbolic play, reading of books and stories, from the constructiveness to the painting activities, from the motor paths to play with structured materials. The presence of small rooms offers the possibility of setting up workshops and laboratories in order to respond to the interests and changing needs of the children group. The small atelier of the nursery school supports handling experiences, the discovery of color, the sign research with different elements, including clay and various recyclable materials.
The large outdoor area is characterized by an architectural structure with a porch and columns. A rubber flooring allows to go outside even on rainy days, while tall trees provide shade in the summer. It is a place that encourages exploration and provides children with new challenges for their motor skills in a protected environment. The large and articulated garden spaces have been upgraded thanks to the families contribution, through the planning and creation of various playing areas, in order to live the daily outdoor experiences with tranquility and naturalness.


orso biondo 20 novembre 

20 novembre 2020 • World Children's Day


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sensi in gioco mi guardo intorno e scopro allinizio era una storia


Families and participation

Families participation in the nursery school’s life is achieved through different modes: parents-school individual talks, the section meetings, the Nursery school Board, composed by the representatives elected by all the families, workshops, playing afternoons, testify to the wealth of opportunities for meeting, discussion and sharing.
The families can contribute to the qualification of the nursery school making theirself available to use specific skills (manual skills, intellectual, organizational) as well as regulated in the Protocol for participation and collaboration between families and municipal services 0/6 Unione Terre d'Argine. In regards to this, it was important the contribution and collaboration of families to plan and redevelop outdoor spaces, through the building of a kitchen made by wooden pallets. The Nursery school Board also organises different initiatives such as breakfast in the morning open to everybody.

laboratorio con le famiglie

i genitori costruiscono la cucina esterna cucina esterna